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Breaking away from all organized religions and denying his role as a Guru, he spelt out his mission: to set man absolutely and unconditionally free. He travelled round the world till the age of 90 giving talks, writing, holding discussions. In , however, he renounced that role and dissolved The Order of the Star - a large worldwide organization. This action was the culmination of the deep spiritual awakening undergone by him and his insight that religious organizations cannot lead human beings to truth.

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Many people are ignorant of this, thinking he was just a radical. G absolutely and unequivocally refused to interpret and understand "enlightenment" in the way others had. He threw away the classical understanding of it, along with all the expectations that arise from it. He in fact denied its classically sacral interpretations and instead laid it on the doorstep of genetics and chance.

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Naturally, this is something that people didn't like to hear. Completely and utterly devoted to the destruction of all modern values and the actions to which they give meaning.


Though in addition, I'll admit that Jiddu Krishnamurti no relation to U. Hearing and seeing him speak can be an electrifying experience though now, only through videos. And he too, exhibited some of U.

In fact, he and U. The hinge on which everything turns. This man was built for spiritual and ideological rebellion. Saturn in Leo He had a marked personal magnetism. As for the Saturn in Leo, he pursued most of his ideas with a grim determination, and didn't care much for material possessions. He burned through most of his ego.

He was often very, very direct and blunt in conversation, but incredibly incisive. He had an absolutely fearsome intellect. In terms of his thoughts and ideas, he's probably the single most dangerous man one could ever meet. I'm sorry about that. I sort of promised you a cake and all you got were crumbs. I have an academic background in Indian philosophy, so when these kinds of ideas pop up I can usually identify them, get comfortable with them because I can relate them to the overall context in which they came about, and discuss them without feeling shocked or that they're somehow inimical to my being.??

At the same time, though. I don't want to just "post and run.

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This doesn't mean that any of this stuff is "beyond" you. All it means is that I may feel I need to "over-explain", even when I might not really need to. All of the socialization that your personality has undergone over the years needs to be eradicated. All your ideas of "growth", "progress", and "free will" are fundamentally alien to your true nature, and only serve to lead you astray.