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You need to take due precautionary measures to save from viral infection. Middle aged and above is being troubled by irregularity in blood pressure need to reduce consumption of salt. Have a regular check up, to keep tab on any variation. You need to do some exercises regularly in morning for fitness and general well being.

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April to June You are to enjoy good general health condition. However, you need to take due measure to keep digestive system in order. No major health issue is to trouble you. Middle aged and above need to remain careful about nagging old health issue. You need to follow diet instruction by physician strictly to save from complication.

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Fitness is the key. You need to do exercises really well. July to September You need to be careful about left eye here.

There is also a possibility about getting injured on upper part of the body. You need to take due care to keep digestive system in order. Middle aged and above need to remain much careful about nagging old health issue. You need to do some physical activity regularly in morning to remain fit enough. October to December You are to remain in pink of your health. However, there is a possibility about getting injured.

Avoid places which are not clean. You should not drink water more than required and do not think more.


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Smoking and other intoxications are your enemies. Avoid them. Subscribe Daily Horoscope. Congratulation: You successfully subscribe Daily Horoscope. Year Success: We will call you soon. No Yes. Home Horoscope Pisces health horoscope. Pisces Health Horoscope Pisces natives are the sensitive people among all.

Astro Products for Pisces. Narmadeshvar Shivlinga. In general, you need to pull yourself together and go to the gym. It is advisable, at the same time, to work with a coach for a few months. Firstly because the Internet is questionable, and without the instructions of a specialist, even the most intense work can go to waste. Secondly, there is a risk of injury due to haste or lack of necessary knowledge.

Pisces Health

The health horoscope for recommends that Pisces start slowly, catch their rhythm and prepare well for the so-called 'beach season'. Here the advantages will not only be aesthetic; Pisces can also improve their physical condition in this way, which in any case will be beneficial.

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As for the second half of , Pisces should for no reason slowdown in terms of physical training if you have already begun to work on yourself. Professional athletes are waiting for new achievements, and this is an excellent time for winning tournaments and achieving new rankings. Even in this period it would be good to pay attention to diseases, and this is not necessarily chronic gastritis or other difficulties, which today are ever-present.

In no event it is impossible to be engaged in a self-treatment, especially if the problem is obvious. The stars in no way want to scare you, and practically guarantee the absence of such problems, but Pisces is warned and urged to have beriberi confidence that everything will pass by itself. Horoscope Comments: Horoscope Pisces. Your name:. Daily Horoscope Daily horoscope.

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