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I love seeing the Korean take on things. That's not what I meant though. If there was a K-drama remake of August Rush we'd know already.

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The person asking is describing the whole trailer. I just didn't thinking they'd make a K-drama out of it without officially stating they are indeed doing a remake like The Good Wife, Criminal Minds, Entourage, Suits, Life on Mars etc etc.

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  • Fantasy Couple is loosely based on Overboard and they were upfront about it so we knew before it came out. Like you, it doesn't bother me but I have my doubts with some. The guitar playing in August Rush brings me to tears because most of it was styled after my favorite musician Michael Hedges. He died years ago, but his guitar playing especially live is legendary. Do Min-joon has a dream that Cheon Song-yi falls off a boat, so he tells her that her horoscope says not to go near water.

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    Later, she tries to read the horoscope for herself, but it doesn't exist. My thoughts exactly whenot cheon song was in the hospital and Do min joon was reading the news paper But, it could also be lots of others I thought it sounded like August Rush too with Kerri Russell and a young Freddie Highmore, who is actually in an American remake of Good Doctor, so there is a kdrama connection there.

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    One time I almost sent in an entry because it was really bugging me, then I remembered that the separated twins scene was from an episode of House Hunters. Can you imagine a kdrama based on this premise though? Identical twins separated from birth who find each other after going into similar jobs, looking for similar homes in the same neighborhood and then getting into a bidding war on the exact same house!

    Last one sounds like the beginning of LIVE, but it was a water business scam, pyramid scheme, that Sang-Soo worked before joining the police force. But I am curious does a kdrama or a kdrama exists with a similar plot If any beanies know please help me out I so want to see one. Im sorry for hijacking but it seems like you watch indian dramas if I may ask which sites do you use?

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    • Also if you could help me I watched this indian drama a long time ago nd never got to finish it, there was a mom with two daughters nd they moved to another city because of a scandal with the eldest daughter nd they were going to this particular house but it turned out the person they were looking for wasn't there anymore but lead guy was there nd he let them stay, thts all I remember watching I've been looking for ages, I think it was a daily drama with a makjang plot kinda But there is an apps for viewing dramas for different channels like Hotstar, and the other names I forgot LOL But I don't know whether they are available in your country or not.

      As for your given drama's description I am truly sorry I can think of 10 dramas in my head where one parent took their three daughters and moved to a different city I will let you know if I find out. I kinda figured the plot was super common lol The bottled water company was a multi-level marketing deal. The chemistry between the two leads are great!! I recently watched it, but I had been raking my brain to remember whether it's a drama or a movie and its title. I didn't know the Korean version existed, but the American version for number 3 is a movie August Rush.

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