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They live on opposite sides of the country.

Taurus Mother

These are just a few interesting influences between a mother and her sons. What is even more interesting is noting the difference between the twin sons, by looking at their divisional charts. That will be saved for another time. Categories: compatibility , horoscope assessment , Vedic Astrology Lessons. Tagged as: astrology children , astrology compatibility , Family , Ketu in the 12th , Vedic Astrology.

Hello Ryan, Is moon placement in Saptamsha chart D7 Chart shows how we think of our children because my ascendant is aquarius and moon is in scorpio with rahu and right opposite is saturn, mars, sun and ketu, but I have jupiter in fifth house, mercury in sagittarius, Please explain these placements and combinations.

Loving a Pisces Sun Person (Partner, Parent, Child, Etc.)

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Strange Car Crash. Mars is energy and Mars is our clue to what motivates our child. Jupiter is the pathfinder or lamp through the trials of time. Jupiter shows where opportunities for expansion lie. Jupiter is grace. Jupiter is the planet that brings us the rewards of good karma. Jupiter relates to religion, philosophy, and higher education.

Saturn is the great teacher, the giver of laws or rules, the Initiator. Saturn also represents Chronos — time — and the material world. As Saturn makes its cycles, we can expect the child to test these limitations. By studying Saturn, we can glean an understanding of the best approach to adopt in disciplining the child.

Saturn can show us where the child may feel thwarted and how we can best help her. Studying Saturn by sign, aspects, and house position will reveal in what area of life the child may later as an adult confront some of her greatest challenges. Knowing this, we as parents can take definite steps to prepare her to pass every test! Uranus is the Great Awakener. Uranus represents breakthroughs: insight, invention, innovation.

Where Saturn crystallizes into form, Uranus shatters and creates anew! Neptune is the planet that brings enlightenment and compassion. When we challenge the darkness Pluto exposes, we enter a cycle of creation and regeneration, usually through a transmutative or transformative experience generally in adulthood, but the seeds can be set in childhood or even in past lives! Pluto shows the issues native to the generation into which our child was born, issues that may challenge and change our own!

The Lights The Sun and the Moon are the two most significant bodies in the natal chart. In manifesting our highest potential, our spiritual identity, we have many choices along the way. The sign position of the Sun reveals the nature of our greatest potential attainment plus attainment we have brought in from other lifetimes , and also the nature of our points of greatest vulnerability.

The house position indicates an area of high focus in her life.

Where the Sun is conscious will directed toward an outer purpose, the Moon is the subconscious, emotions, and the feeling world. The Sun is father and authorities; the Moon is mother and our roots, our family, home and nation. The Moon should be a clear reflection of spirit, and one day perhaps she shall be, but for now the Moon tends to amplify the more negative emotions and habit patterns within the individual and the mass consciousness.

We can see how we, her parents and teachers, may have to work on our own emotions and habits to help the child obtain greater self-mastery, and where we could, even inadvertently, injure her by passing on generational patterns of negative behavior. Lunar energy is most significant in the first seven years of life. The pioneer, adventurer. Courage, daring, boldness.


The fountainhead or source. However we see our identity in Aries the Sun will color the rest of the chart. In Aries, through patience and the higher mind, we exercise control and replace the human ego with the divine.

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To do so, we must battle Martian energy and master anger, aggression, conceit, and all manner of ego games. Taurus: The Bull.

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Taurus is the steady, deliberate, determined response of life to the new ideas and impulses of Aries — possessing them, embodying them. Taurus is the sign of the Builders. In Taurus, we make way for the Buddha the enlightened one through an inner obedience to our calling in life. Through the fires of love, we transmute human density and receive illumination.

Will your child be a blissful baby, a mixture of the good and the bad, or a handful?

The bull that blindly follows the red cape of desire must become the ox who serves. Gemini: The Twins. Communicating, inquiring, investigating, exploring. Gemini is the sign where we end our differences through effective communication come-into-union. We transcend envy and jealousy that would divide us through knowledge and the application of wisdom.

Cancer: The Crab.

Mother Children Astrological Compatibility – Asheville Vedic Astrology

The crab carries his home with him wherever he goes. Cancer is the experience, vehicle, or body itself. The house and home — The Chariot. The experience as in feeling, living, and sensing life. Cancer energy is protective, nurturing, and compassionate. Cancer is the mother, human and divine, who gives and gives of herself until this daily giving becomes second nature. In Cancer we learn self-discipline to raise up the tremendous creative force of the mother, the kundalini. We overcome self-pity, self-justification and indecision and are harmonious with all of life.

Leo: The Lion. Leo is fire of heart! Leo is the outward expression of love: acting, creativity, children, sports, and romance.

Nurturing through the Moon

Leo is the sign of Kings. In Leo we learn humility and magnanimity of heart, the mark of true leadership! We learn to care for and appreciate life. We express gratitude in thought, word, and deed. Virgo: The Virgin. Virgo is the sign of health, works, and service.

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Virgo is the Celestial Maiden. In her arms she carries the sheaves of wheat, symbolizing wisdom. With meticulous discernment, she separates out the chaff, makes flour, and distributes the bread to a world hungry for her spiritual guidance. She is the teacher. In her great love of geometry and perfection, the Earth Mother pays special attention to details, repair, craftsmanship. She is busy, concerned, and careful, practical, analytical, and discriminating. In Virgo we balance our karmic accounts. Through peace and understanding, we transmute anger and a sense of injustice.

We replace a tendency to worry with a positive mental outlook. We balance our accounts through service to life. Libra: The Scales. Marriage and union. Yoga: to join, or yoke. Marriage is the most common form of yoga. Libra energy is diplomatic, compassionate, attentive to the needs of others. In Libra we learn to be centered in the heart. Only there and in the higher mind can we be at the fulcrum of reality. We treat our brother as we would have him treat us, but learn to be unafraid to stand up for truth, even if in so doing we rock the Libran scales!